Getting to Cayo Saetia

Cayo Saetia Nature Reserve

East of the town of Mayarí the road becomes increasingly bumpy and the surroundings, while never losing their grimy rural charm, become gradually more remote. The culmination of this rustic drive is the lovely paradise cay of Cayo Saetia. Essentially, Cayo Saetia is a small and flat wooded island in the bay called Bahía de Nipe that’s connected to the mainland by a rickety bridge. During the 1970s and ’80s this was a favored hunting ground. Cayo Saetía is now a protected wildlife park with 19 species of exotic animals, including camels, zebras, antelopes, ostriches and deer.

Cayo Saetia animals

Bisected by beautifully green meadows and adorned by hidden coves and beaches, it’s the closet Cuba gets to an African wildlife reserve. The island is well worth a visit and we will assist you in both renting a car and your accommodation of the island. We also offer day trips to Cayo Saetia from Guardalavaca by helicopter or buses.