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Villa Cayo Saetia offers as an unparalleled paradise and is at one with the truly stunning environment that surrounds it. This small village is located on the island of the same name. Cayo Saetia located in the Nipe Bay, the largest natural bay in Cuba about 120km southeast of the Holguin City.

You can arrive to Villa Cayo Saetia by sea, by land or over the short causeway bridge that connects the island to the mainland. There is also a service by air, using an helicopter located in Guardalavaca which is the preferred method used by most guests who visit the hotel.

Hotel Villa Cayo Saetia

Inside a true nature reservation at Villa Cayo Saetia you will be visited by wild antelopes and zebras along with other African animals imported here over 5 decades ago. The Island offers wide flora diversity along with beauty endemic and exotic fauna.

A truly unique experience, like staying at a mini African game reserve but in Cuba! Our hotel is also just 5 minutes from this amazing beach.

Villa Cayo Saetia Beach

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